KIT Webinar Series: April 2015

April 2015: Art Brock & Eric Harris-Braun - "Just a Spoonful of Ceptr" (Webex Recording; Presentation)


Just a Spoonful of Ceptr
Ceptr evolved from the MetaCurrency Project as we needed to build distributed tools that went far beyond blockchain approaches. Ceptr provides semantic computing, a self-describing protocol stack, distributed/byzantine processing, fractal virtual machines, autonomous contracts and organizations, and more. Since it is such a wide-reaching project, we'll only be able to get a taste of it in a 1 hour webinar. So we've set up some demonstrations of how approaching things with Ceptr allows us to easily tackle problems which are normally intractable. After a bit of show and tell, we'll have time for questions and discussion about our tools and approach.

Arthur Brock builds targeted currency systems for our emerging post-industrial economy. He has designed more than a hundred multi-currency systems and his software company has built and deployed dozens of them.  His main passion is enhancing our collective social intelligence and the patterns of relationship, incentives and feedback that comprise  Social DNA of our organization and society. 
Arthur’s designs include currency systems for: collaborative scientific research, sustainable fishery management, corporate compensation plans, community economic development, business barter and exchange, triple-bottom-line trade credits, open source software projects, customer loyalty programs, water rights, recirculating gift certificates, employee performance management, arts & culture development, efficient resource sharing & management, and impact assessments. He is currently based in Woodstock, NY.

Eric Harris-Braun designs and builds software infrastructure for the next economy.  Eric's projects range from digital currency platforms (MetaCurrency Project), P2P networking apps (Glass Bead Software), complex health-care data-collection (ManaStats, Doula Data, MetaForm), and collective intelligence (Collective Intelligence Research Inst.)
After getting his degree in Computer Science from Yale, he published the first Internet Directory (in 1994) which sold over 100,000 copies before being made obsolete by web-based search engines. He lives in a Quaker ecovillage in rural New York in a straw-bale house.

Marc Clifton has a keen intellect that questions sacred cows whenever possible to see what kind of grass they've been chewing. He is a trail-blazer, an explorer of the untried, who makes coding an art.  More mundanely, he a Microsoft MVP in C# and Code Project MVP, having contributed over 170 articles to the community.  He is the creator of the open source project Higher Order Programming Environment (HOPE) and has a passion for C# and F#.  In his spare time he is getting a certificate in counseling.