MIT-KIT Workshop on Private Health Data

Thank you for attending the MIT-KIT Workshop on Private Health Data on March 28, 2014 at the MIT Media Lab. This event was co-sponsored with Prof Alex (Sandy) Pentland from the Human Dynamics Group, at the Media Lab.

This one-day meeting explored next-generation services infrastructure for the sharing of patient data and other resources in the healthcare space. We paid particular attention to open issues in digital identity, patient matching, and authorization management that stand in the way of large-scale interoperability and predictive analytics. Our program focused on emerging Web-scale technologies as applied to health information sharing and was heavily weighted toward group discussion among our expert participants.


Agenda (PDF)

WISH Report on Big Data: Revolutionizing Medicine and Public Health (PDF)

Venue: 6th Floor of the MIT Media Lab, Building E14. Corner of Ames and Amherst Sts.


Please contact Thomas Hardjono ( or Adrian Gropper ( if you have questions.