Zhanna Tsiktova

Zhanna holds an MS and a Ph.D in Mathematics from Belarus National University, and a MS in Computer Science from SUNY Binghamton.
For the past seven years, Zhanna was a Senior Software Engineer at Novell, where she designed, implemented, documented and supported Novell crypto and SSL/TLS libraries within OES and eDirectory products. This involved work with OpenSSL, encryption technologies including symmetric/asymmetric encryption, x509 certificates, PKI and digital signatures.
She was involved in a wide range of security issues including architectures and application designs. She has authored innovations related to the extension of the IDM/eDir based product family and worked as a member of a security team for Nsure Virtual Directory Services (NVDS).
Zhanna owned the authorization and authentication modules and Password and Login Policies, and conducted security and performance analysis and optimization of such modules as Novell Modular Authentication Service (NMAS), Novell SSL (NTLS) and Novell Public Key Infrastructure (NPKI).
Prior to that, she was part of the LDAP team at IBM.