KIT Webinar Series: March 2015

Eve Maler: User-Managed Access (UMA): Enabling New Access Control Solutions for People, Things, and Services


Eve Maler, ForgeRock Office of the CTO
VP Innovation & Emerging Technology
Eve Maler is a renowned strategist, innovator, and communicator on digital identity, access, security, and privacy, with particular focus on creating successful wide-scale ecosystems and fostering individual empowerment. Eve drives Identity Relationship Management innovation for the ForgeRock Open Identity Stack; she also directs ForgeRock’s involvement in related industry standards, particularly for access control and privacy, to which end she leads the User-Managed Access (UMA) and Health Relationship Trust (HEART) standards efforts. Eve was formerly a principal analyst at Forrester Research, advising clients on emerging identity and security solutions, consumer-facing identity, distributed authorization, privacy enhancement, and API security. Previously Eve was an identity solutions architect with PayPal and earlier a technology director at Sun Microsystems, where she co-founded and made major contributions to the SAML federated identity standard. In a previous life she co-invented XML.