KIT Webinar Series: December 2014

Part truth.  Part lies.  Part hope. Part fear:  The emerging global dialogue on Data for Development (Recording / Slides)


William Hoffman
Associate Director and Head, Data-Driven Development
World Economic Forum USA

William Hoffman heads the World Economic Forum's initiatives on Data-Driven Development.  Comprised of a multi-stakeholder community of industry, civil society, governmental and academic leaders, this group works to collectively identify where ICT can positively impact some of the world's most pressing challenges.  Based on the assumption that a hyperconnected world requires strengthened trust and new models of collaboration, William’s focus at the Forum addresses the need for principle-based governance, demand-based innovation and the need for a balanced, inclusive and sustainable ICT ecosystem.  In particular, he leads a multi-year initiative on personal data aimed at advancing the dialogue on the value of personal data and the need for enabling frameworks which are flexible, centered on the individual, and contextually driven.

Prior to joining the World Economic Forum, William was the Director of Enterprise Marketing at AT&T. With extensive experience in the communications industry, he has a broad background with emerging technologies and strategic planning.  

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