MITREid Connect

The MITRE OpenID Connect (OIDC) Implementation (GitHub)

MITRE and MIT-KIT Consortium are collaborating closely to ensure continual development and support for the MITRE OpenID-Connect (MITREid Connect) open-source implementation. MITREid Connect has been used by MITRE in a number of different projects as well as a diverse and growing community outside of MITRE. MITREid Connect was originally developed by a MITRE research project which is in the process of concluding its work. Management of the MITREid Connect project will transition to the MIT-KIT during 2013 under the same open-source Apache 2.0 license.

There are a number of benefits to this transfer:

  1. The MIT-KIT has a long history of open-source development around a world-wide community of developers.  The MIT-KIT is the home of the MIT Kerberos authentication software which has a 25 year history of open-source development.
  2. The structure of the MIT-KIT Consortium as a non-profit (501.c3) allows organizations, companies and individuals to join the consortium with relative ease.
  3. The MIT-KIT has a long history of association with the IETF, home of the OAuth2.0 Working Group.  The OAuth2.0 protocol is a key building-block within the OIDC protocol. we plan to continue this close engagement with the IETF in the relevant working groups.
  4. MIT is already a member of the OpenID-Exchange (OIX) organization, which has a large constituent of users of the MITREid Connect implementation. This existing relationship will help the MIT-KIT in obtaining inputs regarding new features for the MITREid Connect software on an on-going basis.
  5. MITRE will continue to contribute to the MITREid Connect project as a member of the open source community, keeping involved many of the same engineers who began the project.
  6. MIT-KIT has the flexibility to fund specific development tasks that will continue to make the MITREid Connect project more broadly usable, applicable, and secure.

The MIT-KIT Consortium seeks organizations and developers to support the on-going work on the MITRE-OIDC by joining the Consortium and by forking the MITREid project on GitHub.