KIT Seminar Series November 2014

The Bastet Framework - Safe Markets for Sensitive Data.

Eric Scace (KIT/ID3)

  Eric Scace is an consultant specializing in technical, business & legal issues and methods for:
  • authenticating people and machines, and
  • transporting, storing, sharing and otherwise managing sensitive data (including personal data).

As a member of LaunchPad Venture Group, he invests in high tech, green tech, and bio tech startups.
During the 1990s he led UUNet’s non-USA expansion into the world’s largest commercial Internet backbone service provider.

A man of diverse background, his previous work includes:

  • managing sales & marketing groups, including international sales teams on all continents.
  • strategic product planning
  • international mergers & acquisitions
  • telecommunications protocol design & standardization, including:
    • invention of frame relay service
    • ISDN signaling systems, including Q.931 and SS#7 ISUP
    • packet-switching protocols, including X.25, HDLC, and packet data networking systems for HF and VHF radio.
  • system software designing & coding.
  • high-frequency (shortwave) radio antenna design and engineering.
  • leading expeditions to remote, uninhabited islands.
  • creating new tornado & hurricane computer forecasting models and associated graphic display software.
  • developing specialized computer graphics firmware for satellite image processing.

He is a life-long amateur radio operator, dances Argentine tango, and studies music. His first paid job put him in the back rooms of a local newspaper, setting type in hot metal on Linotype machines. He has operated commercial and US Navy ship-to-shore shortwave radio stations. As a student at Cornell University, he repaired Teletype machines in labs and ran a pinball concession company on campus for pocket money for dates.